!! mission possibile !!
Largemouth Bass in Padova

I was visiting Padova for the first time in may 2010.
Because the train was 10 hours late, i was a little bit nervous.
But as bass fishing guide Matteo picked me up at the train station Padova, all the stress from the travel was forgotten.
Here it is, the “bass- city”, i heard so much about. So first i checked in at the hotel and then Matteo and i went to the river Bacchiglione to fish at least for a few casts.
We slipped the boat and raced to the fish with his well-suited bass boat.
Matteo showed me the techniques to fish the situations right.
The river has very different shore structure and parts with all kinds of cover, rocks, bushes, ….
We were casting jigs and texas rigged Senkos.
Behind a bridge, close to a single bush, Matteo had his first bite on a jig. It was a nice fish, about 45 cm long.
We drifted along the shoreline and shortly after that i could land my first bass on a texas rigged 4” Senko in black&blue. The fish was fat, had very nice color and was about 47 cm long.
A little time later, we went back to the slipping point and quit for the day.

The next two days we fished different spots along the river and the sweet and tiny city- canals, and had nice fish on different baits.
Deps Kincoo worms 5” wacky rigged brought nice fish for me but the top bait was the Senko (texas).
Matteo has very much experience and guided the trip very well, so it was much fun on the boat and i could learn many many things. He always had tip what bait, depth, color or size would work.

The last day we went to a very clear, little lake to fish with the belly boat. Matteo organized me the tube from his tournament partner cause i didn’t own one.
I never fished with it before, it was a completely new experience and i had very much fun!
With the first few casts i could land 4 nice bass and lost two. All bites came on texas rigged Senkos and wacky rigged Kincoos.
While fishing, we saw that the bass were hunting, so we changed to swimbaits.
The first bite was on a Silent Killer Jr. firetiger, which Matteo was fishing very slowly from the shore into deep water. The fight was tough and finally a bass with 52 cm and about 2kg was landed.
I was fishing a Deps Slide Swimmer 115 as i got a very hard bite. After a good fight with cool jumps, i could land a bass with 44 cm.
At the end of the day i finally lost a huge monster bass that was fighting on a 6” texas rigged Senko. I could take some good looks at it, while jumping out of the water, and i think it was close to 60 cm. It was a thrilling fight, unfortunately not landed but well, that’s also part of dealing with these great fish!

What can i say, time went by too fast and i had to go back to Austria.
It has been my coolest fishing trip so far. I caught a lot of bass, learned many new things and enjoyed Matteo’s guiding a lot, he’s a really nice guy and we had a very good time. Because of all that, i planned my next trip to Padova for july…