Living the dream


Well, here’s my new story about Padova Bass Fishing. I’ve had 4 stays in Padova so far, always for 3 days of fishing maximum, and I always had a great time.
But every time a trip ended, I felt that I just hadn’t have enough of it and I always wanted more time for satisfying fishing and really enjoying it!

So, after long months of thinking, planning, organizing the circumstances and waiting, – finally here I am on my great vacation for 20 days in Padova, on the mission to hunt the bass, to enjoy fishing, to catch the Big Mamma..

And I’ll get straight into it: what an incredible day today!
After some consultation about where to go, on which places to go after the bass, Matteo made use of his experience and good intuition and brought us to the perfect spots.
We started up casting and caught bass right away! 8 casts – 8 fish, few empty casts- and fish again!

Altogether we caugth many bass between 44 and 50 cm, and several 50 up’s. And I broke my personal best even three times, got a 52 first then a 54 and later another monster bass from 55 !

So that’s why I’m living my dream right now.
I’m staying in Matteos Holiday House, it’s a great place in italian style and all comforts you wish. And it definitely has a crazy amazing view over the hills so it’s the perfect area to chill out, analyze and relax after a day of fishing.

to be continued…


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