About water temperature

The bass, like all fish, is a cold-blooded creature.This means its body temperature will be exactly that of its enviroment.Thus, water temperature is a critical gauge for determining the probable activity level of the bass – in fact, many experts believe it is the single most critical piece of information you can have about the water you’re fishing.

bass temperature ranges

unlike trout and salmon, the bass can tolerate a broad range of water temperatures – all the way from just abouve freezing to over 30°.However, its preferred temperature range – the range within which it can best function as an opportunistic predator – its around 12° and 25°.

Below or above these temperatures, the bass cannot function to the optimum and will not be as active… Pros suggest that any time a bass is not within its optimum temperatures range, you should slow down and scale down – use a slower retrieve and a smaller lure – as well as fish tighter to cover.

Choosing lures by water temperature

Since water temperature is a good gauge of bass activity, here are some suggestions for lures to try in various temperature ranges.

0° – 7° : jigs, grubs, metal spoons, metal blade baits

7°- 12° : weighted jerkbaits, jigs, soft jerkbaits, flat crankbaits

12°- 26°: diving crankbaits , lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwaters

>26°: plastic worms, jigs, grubs, metal spoons

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