Do you like bassfishing?

20 minutes from beautifull Venice …here it is my guide service in the best Italian rivers,lake and saltwater.

My name is Matteo Zanato, i’m 39 years old  and i live in Padua .

I started with guiding for black bass on 2007 and later on 2011 born the holiday house petrarca a place to sleep and relax during the vacation.

I practice all the bassfishing tecniques but in my area the more productive are the skipping and flipping tecniques ,good catches also with topwater during fall or crankbait/spinnerbait

during the prespawn time, and finesse fishing on the cold or very hot months.

Things you need to bring:

  • 2 or 3 bait casting or spinning rods & reels, medium to heavy 17lb. Test line (we rent our tackles if required)
  • Hooks: offset 3/0, 4/0, 5/0
  • Weights: ¼ – ¾ oz bullet type
  • Worms : 4″,5″, 6”  in tequila shad, red shad, pumpkinseed,watermellon, black/chartreuse ,white, chart
  • Crankbaits: in the early season works better deep runner crankbait, then works better shallow/medium runner in chart blue or natural colors
  • Topwater: works pretty well in the summer fall season!
  • … strongly recommend that you practice catch & release.

Mobile phone +39 3337799805

mail: info@zetabass.com